Fall 2014 Syllabus

Counterpoint Supplemental Materials – 58 pages of exercises and music. Print this document before Tuesday, Aug. 28, and bring to every class throughout the semester.

Read and comment on the article Get Out of Your Music Box by Thursday, Aug. 28

Read and comment on the article Minor Scales: Bach in Action by Thursday, Sept. 11


Manuscript Paper
Air in F Major – Two-Voice Piece Exercise Solution
Air in F Minor – Two-Voice Piece Exercise Solution
Midterm Template
Midterm Finale Template



  1. Chorale Analysis
  2. Melody
  3. 1:1
  4. 2:1
  5. Chromaticism
  6. 3:1 Bicinium
  7. Canon
  8. Invertible Counterpoint
  9. Two-Part Invention: in E-flat or D Minor
  10. 3-Voice Counterpoint
  11. Workbook pp. 57-58


Midterm: Two-Voice Piece

Final: Fugue Exposition

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