Materials of Music

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Over three years in the making, and tested and proven in the classroom over several years, Materials of Music is a two-year university-level music skills book that takes the reader from the basics to highly sophisticated lessons including melodic principles, four-part harmonization, and modulation. Each chapter concludes with exercises to reinforce the topic.

Each topic is explained clearly and concisely, and is accompanied by numerous examples from the standard repertory.

The text is completely indexed. In the downloadable .pdf file of the text, each index entry is linked to the body of the text. Included in the appendix is a keyboard diagram, blank manuscript paper, accompaniment patterns, transposing instruments, and a comparative style table.

For a complete list of topics, see the Table of Contents and the Index.

The Materials of Music Workbook is a separate workbook included at no additional charge. The workbook has clickable audio examples for many of the exercises.

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What users have said about Materials of Music:

I’ve taught from a number of industry standard music theory text books and find Materials of Music to be as good or better, and far more affordable for the student. I appreciate Robert Reno’s precise and articulate prose with appropriate musical examples and exercises. My students have often commented on the down-to-earth clarity of the text and workbook assignments, not to mention the awesome low cost and convenience of the downloadable format.
Greg Glancey, Ph.D., Stony Brook University, New York.

As a music student and teacher, Dr. Reno’s Materials of Music is my most used theory resource. Its logical flow, clear definitions, and abundance of musical examples make music theory easy to understand. I always have it on hand. I highly recommend it to any aspiring musician!
Danielle Van Sickle, Music Director and Educator, Anchorage, AK

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