Foundations of Musicianship is a college-level introduction to the fundamentals of music. It is ideal for any student looking to grow their knowledge. Assuming no prior experience, the text takes the beginner step-by-step through the basic principles of reading and understanding music.

Starting with the musical alphabet, the text unfolds to explore musical patterns and keyboard mapping, helping the growing musician visualize and feel the music under their fingers. After this core understanding is established, an exhaustive introduction to notation rounds out the course. Each chapter also includes exercises to reinforce the concepts covered, and access to a digital workbook for further practice is available upon request.

Detailed and concise, Foundations of Musicianship provides the necessary tools to advance in the study of music.

Foundations of Musicianship is the textbook for Basic Musicianship I & II. The cost is $75 and covers two semesters worth of material.

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About the Author

For nearly 40 years, R.T. Reno has been teaching music theory to college students who are majors, minors, or simply music enthusiasts seeking knowledge. His approach in the text reflects his years of observing how students learn musical concepts. 

R.T. Reno (DM, Indiana University) is Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Vanguard University of Southern California.

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