Contemporary Pieces

A Dorian Nocturne

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Night SkyI composed “A Dorian Nocturne” a couple of years ago, but the sketches have been around long before that. The title is not suggesting necessarily any representational meaning to the music. It is simply a nocturne in the spirit (but not style) of a Chopin nocturne, and uses almost exclusively a Dorian mode (a minor scale with a raised 6th scale degree). The opening chord progression is a typical Dorian progression, similar to the one that the Doors use as the basic chord structure of their 1970 song “Riders on the Storm.”

Fantasia in B Major

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Composed in 1977, Fantasia in B Major was one of my first compositions. Sergei Prokofiev, whose music I was studying at the time, used a technique that is popularly called “wrong notes.” These unexpected chromatic tones occur in this piece as well.

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