Live performance by the Indiana University New Music Ensemble

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Commissioned by the Indiana University New Music Ensemble, Restless was composed in 1996 just as I was completing my doctorate. It is a single-movement piece for string quartet, piano and marimba.

From the day I received the commission to the day I delivered the score and parts was about eight weeks. At the same time I was studying for orals, working on my dissertation, teaching, playing piano at church, and helping my wife with our two young girls. In order to be sure I worked daily on the score, I got to work at 6am and worked until 8am. That gave me the rest of the day to attend to the other tasks. Needles to say, this was a helter-skelter period. And it wasn’t until I was well into composing the piece that I noticed the music’s character was similar to any given day during the two months I was composing it: restless! Restless is about seven minutes long and has a single tempo indication: quarter = 138.

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