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Following is a partial list of compositions by Robert Reno. More examples may be found under the “Music” menu at the top or to the right. For a complete list of pieces, and rental prices for scores and parts, please contact me.

Orchestral Music

Encounter at Agapolis

Recorded by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gerard Schwarz

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Three easily recognizable motives pervade this piece. (It was originally titled Simple Motives in Minor Modes.) The first two motives appear in the slow introduction, the third near the outset of the fast tempo. Other than three pivotal sections employing an octatonic scale, pitch material throughout the piece is based almost exclusively on the ascending form of the melodic minor scale. Various modalities are achieved by focusing on pitches other than the traditional tonic. For example, a focal pitch of scale-degree 4 is an acoustic scale; scale degrees 3-7 form a whole tone scale.

Click here for more notes on this piece, including the origin of the new title.

 A Flash of Transport

Commissioned by Richard Allen Fiske and the Shasta Symphony Orchestra. Click here for detailed notes.

 Chamber Music


Live performance by the Indiana University New Music Ensemble

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Commissioned by the Indiana University New Music Ensemble,Restless is a single-movement piece for string quartet, piano and marimba.

 Short Stories

Short Stories, for flute, clarinet and piano (1994), is a whimsical piece in three interrelated movements. It was recorded by faculty members of Southern California College (now Vanguard University) and released on the CD Four Paintings in 1998.

Performers: Althea Holdcroft, flute, Jana Hall, clarinet, David Clemensen, piano


Counterplots juxtaposes and superimposes several ideas of contrasting character and tempo.


Wisp is improvisatory-like, developing motives from Counterplots, while foreshadowing the primary motive of Pursuit.


Pursuit is a culmination of the first two movements, taking motives from each and treating them in a quasi perpetuum mobile fashion.

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Electroacoustic Music

Wake Up!


Click here for notes on the piece.

Choral Music

Click here for choral music samples.

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