The following anthologies are collections of pieces from various periods of Western music and are required for the Form & Literature courses at Vanguard University. The cost for each is $25.Please contact me if you have questions or issues purchasing the text.

Anthology I: Baroque and Classical Music (MUSC 225)

Anthology II: Beethoven and Romantics (MUSC 233)

Anthology III: Twentieth Century Music (MUSC 336)

About the Author

For nearly 40 years, R.T. Reno has been teaching music theory to college students who are majors, minors, or simply music enthusiasts seeking knowledge. His approach in the text reflects his years of observing how students learn musical concepts. 

R.T. Reno (DM, Indiana University) is Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Vanguard University of Southern California.

If you have any questions or would like to request music scores, please use the contact form.